The Moral Frameworks of Our Politics and Why They Matter

I have a blog now. I figured it would be a nice place to put my ponderings instead of just letting them fly off into the void. So I'll just write about what I'm thinking at the moment and see if I can form coherent thoughts.

Today, I'm thinking about the many ways in which our metaethics apply to the policies we advocate for, and specifically how no one seems to think enough about it.

For the uninitiated, metaethics is how we define good and bad. Not what is good, but what good is. Our metaethic is the moral system and foundation we all have to judge whether something is good or bad. We all have some sort of system like this, but we don't always give a lot of thought to what it is specifically.

Why is freedom good? Why shouldwe have human rights? Things such as freedom and human rights are often taken for granted as inherently good, but there must be a reason, an explanation of their goodness. What parameters do these things fall in that make them good?

How we form a m…